When it comes to custom marine construction, modifications, repair and maintenance of your dock and seawall, or installing a boat lift, you’ll need to acquire the appropriate permits. Although the process may be confusing, we have the experience and expertise to simplify and help you through the maze. We’ll explain the permit process and tell you what is and isn’t required, and how much it will cost. We’ll take action to help you acquire permits as painlessly as possible to ensure your job is done correctly.

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Our Full-Service Permit Expediting Includes:

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Personalized Permits

We customize our service to meet the individual needs of our clients. We handle all portions of the permit through the County, State and Federal agencies and the cities. Services include filling out forms, obtaining engineering drawings, responding to agency comments, permit package assembly, permit tracking, paying fees, pickup, delivery, contractor registration, as-built surveys, elevation surveys, piling logs and consultation.

Permit Expediting

As expediters, we visit a multitude of municipalities every day, enabling us to cultivate close and comfortable relationships with South Florida’s building departments. Having years of experience in the Marine Industry, we have expert knowledge of the marine permitting system, which grants us the ability to nagivate your permit process efficiently and effectively. We do our best to ensure your permit experience will be smooth sailing.

Permit Issue

Once your permit package is submitted, we keep on top of it and track it, so it has the best chance of getting through promptly and avoiding costly delays. We are able to utilize our marine background to meet all city requirements and resolve issues that could slow your permit application process. It also allows us to answer plan reviewers comments quickly for a fast approvals and permit issue.

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Providing South Florida with Easy and Straight Forward Solutions

Not only will our project managers submit your plans, but they will also follow up with you. Every step of the permitting process is handled by us. This includes conducting any and all research for infractions, checking blueprints to ensure that they comply with current building codes, and conducting thorough due diligence, including the use of an architect’s checklist. We’ve devised a variety of time and cost-cutting strategies to keep your project on track and ensure that construction begins and ends on time!

All of my renovation permits were done fast and without trouble, and I didn't have to do anything! Coastal Permit Solutions was able to correct many permit errors in a timely manner.

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What Clients Are Saying?

“Service that is comprehensive. Coordinates and collaborates well with all parties involved. Takes ownership of the project and sees it through to completion, including the successful resolution of all permitting issues.”

Daniel Johnson

“Service that is all-encompassing All parties participating in the project are well-coordinated and collaborate. Takes responsibility for the plan review process and sees it through to completion.”

Julia Michele

"Takes ownership of the project and sees it through to completion, including obtaining permits."

Robert Green

"Takes ownership of the project and sees it through to completion, including the successful obtaining of permits. Service that is comprehensive. Coordinates and collaborates well with all parties involved."

Oliver Goodman

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