A permit expediter’s guide to Florida permits

How do I navigate Florida permits?

is a common question we get from customers. Florida’s permitting procedure is notoriously complex. Many consumers are dissatisfied with their experience due to long wait periods, a lack of contact from government personnel, and a complicated overall procedure.

It takes months, if not years, on average to have a permit granted. Permission Advisors understand how inconvenient this is for those who have never applied for a permit before. As a result, we’ve begun a series of articles providing insider information for various jurisdictions.

Our last piece focused on Austin, Texas, but because Florida is such a difficult state, we’d want to give tips for the entire state as well as one particularly vexing jurisdiction.

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Useful Tips & Information

  1. Before submitting for evaluation, make sure you have a General Contractor and any prospective Sub-Contractors. Make a list of their contact details and double-check that they are officially licensed.
  2. Always conduct your own research! The team is extremely busy due to the huge amount of projects entering Florida.
  3. This means they are less likely to be able to assist you with minor but important questions. Outside agency approvals are particularly perplexing because they frequently lack answers on the issue.
  4. It’s best to conduct your own research and double-check the information you’re given.
  5. Learn about the advantages of getting a head start.
  6. Most towns and counties will allow or give a separate permit for early start work such as demo, rough plumbing, and other tasks that occur before the initial inspection.
  7. Plans for racks/fixtures and fire sprinklers/fire alarms are frequently postponed.
  8. Make contact with the “Right Person.” Certain areas of Florida provide “hidden” possibilities to interact with people who can help a project run well.

We hope that this information will assist you in navigating the difficult terrains of the Florida permitting procedure.

Remember to be patient, do your research thoroughly, and be prepared to wait a long time. With these pointers in mind, you should be able to get the permission you need for your project.

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